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HUBPAGE Jodie Leyshon & Stephanie Clyne


Wedding weekend of the 23rd July 2022

Deposit £1500 Received, Thankyou. 

Final Payments due – Tuesday 24th May 2022

Bell Tent Guest Bookings 

Glamping Booking

Ty Unos, Cwtch & Viking Barrel Pre-booked 

Extra orders/Notes

Here you will find any details of custom orders, drinks packages, other suppliers and reminders. 


White Star cloths for longwall where OCB board is. (Booked by client details to follow)

White Crystal LED Dancefloor. (Booked by client details to follow) 

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Guest Numbers

Please add your current confirmed RSVPs. To comply with current Covid restrictions we will require lead names for all your guests in advance. We will send you a covid risk assessment to send out to all guests in advance of your celebration.

Furniture Hire

Please select the furniture you wish to be provided by us Payment will be added to your final bill. for images of items please follow this link...
Price: £ 3.50
Price: £ 12.50
Price: £ 5.50
Price: £ 5.50
Price: £ 18.00
Price: £ 12.00

Decor Services

Bar Services

Bar Service Requested.(Required)
Due to current covid restrictions, not all the below options may be available. We will confirm this information 14days before your celebration. Please select your ideal scenario.




The Wedding Bell....(Required)
Please let us know which accommodation you wish to prebook as your Bridal Suite.
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Which other Accommodation did you want to book for your wedding party - Payment will be added to your final bill.

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